Eritrea Polygamy law is a hoax, don’t be misled

The Eritrea polygamy law has gone viral on the internet that the government has passed forced polygamy on its citizens. This comes after a Kenyan website posted this story saying that law has been passed since there are many females against few males.

According to the government memo, whoever fails to adhere to the law whether male or female was to face a life sentence. The government had also proposed to pay marriage bills in case of difficulty.

However this is not true according to the Eritrean government. One official told BBC that “even the madman in Asmara can see this false”. The hoax was started by a Somali website and was popularized by the Kenyan website. Later various websites across Africa copied the story and the post went viral in the Sub-saharan region.

Various young males across Africa started posting on twitter and Facebook as the say they are heading to Eritrea to get a share of girls.

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